Årets bästa skiva?

Ja i alla fall om man tittar till kritiker.ses sammanställning av de skivor som recenserats i år!

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  • Bobby skriver:

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  • http://www./ skriver:

    , ”I’m not scared of you.”And what does Obama have to fear? They have only one side of the story and he’s thought through much more than they ever willl. He’s read Schopenhauer and Baldwin and listened to Bob Marley.The lion is ready

    • Magda skriver:

      That’s the smart thnniikg we could all benefit from.

    • it’s been so damn long since my hair’s been sweated out….I agree with you cause I’ve definitely been there, used to wear my hair curly a lot, after one unremarkable sex session with this dude, the back of my hair was flat, my mother was like what you been doing that your hair is messed up, busted…lol

    • It’s a knotty philosophical question. If my consciousness is perfectly duplicated, I die, and it’s inserted into a clone – did I die or was I reborn? The answer isn’t as simple as thought. And of course, if trick people and stay alive, then the clone also comes alive, who owns the house ;’)

    • Which is so weird, because 99% of the diisusscon about football comes in the form of people second-guessing and talking about what they would have done differently or what went wrong.How would this hurt the league? People would stop watching or something? Such a bizarre thought process.

    • Bonner skriver:

      You’ve imsresped us all with that posting!

    • autokredit skriver:

      seriously, i have the biggest girl/blog crush on you. Ur just waaaaaay too cute, we gotta meet soon.I think we would have soo much fun together…getting back to the post, LOVE LOVE this outfit/look and THAT hair color is gorgous!!!! Might wanna copy you!!xxsincerely,jules

  • http://www./ skriver:

    Where can I go to see an educated informed discussion on the pro’s and con’s of wind energy, and to have discussion on the alternatives such as Nuclear power, the beau of the current government?

  • http://www./ skriver:

    Not many people in my family like succotash but it was a dish my dad liked and I love it. I think this version with the edamame sound great!I enjoyed your post with the beautiful covered bridges!Kindly, ldh

  • http://www./ skriver:

    Esse tal jesus é muito burro,falta de humildade,estupidez,arrogancia e muitas outras coisas negativas…..diria mesmo um grande nojento.briosa sempre.é uma perda de tempo dar "conversa"a este miseravel….

  • http://www./ skriver:

    two years ago when he was asked to review an IPCC report on renewable energy. According to blogger P Gosselin  he was not impressed: “He found hundreds of errors. When he pointed them out, IPCC officials

  • http://www./ skriver:

    Det är underbart att bädda rent och vädra;) Så mysigt att krypa ner första kvällen det luktar gott och är lite lagom stelt;)

  • http://www./ skriver:

    That’s a sharp way of thinking about it.

  • http://www./ skriver:

    I am getting really frustrated with Google. I have it set to show only hits with ALL words, yet the top returns do not have all words in them. I am looking to see if Linux drivers are available for a particular Asus laptop I am looking at (UX32VD-DH71) and when I text search the hits Google provides, the word “Linux” is not in ANY of them! This is happening more and more frequently. I do not want ANY returns if they do not have all the words in them.  Chuck W

  • http://www./ skriver:

    Jeg har kjøpt ekstra plass, og har tenkt at det er greit. Jeg er for lat til å forminske. En periode forminsket jeg bildene og gjorde det faktisk i Paint. Åpnet bildet i Paint valgte Endre størrelse og 50 %. Der la jeg også inn vannmerke på de få bildene jeg har det på.

  • http://www./ skriver:

    Have an individual ever seriously considered including a bit more than just your content? I necessarily mean, what anyone say is important and most. However imagine if you added some good pictures or videos to provide your posts more, pop! Your content is fantastic but with pics and videos, this website could absolutely be one of the best in their field. Good weblog!

  • http://www./ skriver:

    I couldn’t do either the bridge or the fat man’s squeeze but I wish I had your courage to try but nope not going too not never, sorry I just can’t thanks for sharing ……


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