Anna Järvinen akustiskt i Oslo

Anna besökte Oslo för ett par veckor sedan och spelade akustiskt på platebutikken Big Dipper. Så här fint blev det när Anna och Fredrik Swahn framförde Ångrar inget.

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  • Cindy skriver:

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    • Lotta skriver:

      The voice of rayionalitt! Good to hear from you.

    • http://www./ skriver:

      Senza dimenticare che Tettamanzi,beniamino degli abortisti, dei centri sociali, dei no global, verdi e varie associazioni musulmane parla e predica lo stesso pseudo-cristianesimo della maggior parte di loro: quello del “siamo tutti uguali”, “viva la raccolta differenziata”, “abbasso la povertà”, “accogliamo i nostri fratelli musulmani”, “cristo dopo, viene prima il non urtare la loro sensibilità”…Mi ha fatto riflettere il verso di S. Matteo 5: se il sale perde il suo sapore non è buono a nulla se non ad essere gettato fuori e calpestato dagli uomini

      • Lottie skriver:

        I’m so glad I found my sotuilon online.

      • kredit für 3 99 skriver:

        The gold lurex looks great with the turquoise touches.Plus those fringed suese shoe boots are flipping sweet!The blue lace shift looks FANTASTIC on you and I love how you added the green against it. That dress is amazing I am crazy about the fabric and design.

      • Olá Ico.Em seu post falando do Mike"The Bike",a propósito foi muito oportuno, pois ontem tive o prazer de reencontrar me com o nosso representante maior das duas rodas X quatro rodas,o incrível Marco Antonio Grecco.Vale lembrar que de 2 rodas ele foi inumeras vezes Campeão Brasileiro de Motovelocidade,disputou o Mundial de 500cc e nas 4 rodas foi piloto de testes da "Team Fondmetal" de F.1 além de piloto/Team Manager de equipe na F.Indy.Vida longa aos nossos "Heróis" !!!Abs,J.E.Ávila

      • Well done article that. I’ll make sure to use it wisely.

    • http://www./ skriver:

      These are gorgeous! I’ve never had sparkling cranberries before but have half a bag left in the fridge and may need to give them a try. I kind of wish I could string them up and hang them around our house. So cute! ;)

    • http://www./ skriver:

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    • http://www./ skriver:

      Bonjour,J’ai cuisiné à la mijoteuse des cubes de boeuf (bouilli de légumes traditionnel) et j’ai eu parfois comme résultat une viande “coriace”. Quelles sont les raisons possible?Y a-t-il des cubes de boeuf vendus comme tel qui seraient de qualité moindre que d’autres cubes de boeuf? Je n’ai plus cuisiné de bouilli de boeuf depuis plus de 2 ans pour cette raison.Merci de me répondre.C. Boisvert

    • http://www./ skriver:

      i think its a wonderful idea. I still haven’t had time to even try to make this scrunchie…I have the materials but need that state of mind to do it. They do make wonderful gifts! Now to learn how to access yahoo.

    • http://www./ skriver:

      Thanks for that! It’s just the answer I needed.

    • Betti skriver:

      You write so hoenltsy about this. Thanks for sharing!

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  • http://www./ skriver:

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  • / De nada hombre de nada, yo no te he convertido en nada que conste! eso lo han hecho Muse ellos solitos . Y contestando a la pregunta… no, no hay directo mejor que el de Muse, a mi forma de ver no, es ocmo tu dices no tiene nada que ver, si un disco esta bien… mola pero en directo le da mil vueltas!!! Son genios tu lo has dicho .

  • muy interesante como siempre. Pienso que el problema de base es la carencia de un diseño para todos, representada en este caso, por el datáfono táctil. ¡estas cosas me cabrean, la falta de autonomía personal por servicios y productos no accesibles!

  • http://www./ skriver:

    Oh, I also wanted to mention that I actually feel that you are more real than other bloggers, say Sea of Shoes or Fashion Toast. I guess personally for me, the more real and relatable, the better.. especially with fashion bloggers (as I feel that sometimes some fashion bloggers have such a glam life, I can't ever see myself admiring any of them). I like that you're a Berkeley student, so I feel I can relate to you as a UC student.

  • http://www./ skriver:

    Gee willikers, that’s such a great post!

  • Barry,Hello all the way over there in Hawaii! We will see how the secretary does, I cerintaly hope she works out. Great to hear that you have found my advice useful over the years and we would love to see your garden if you ever get a chance to take pictures. Hope all is well.Mel

  • http://www./ skriver:

    Awe she saved you!! Cider is gorgeous and I love that she is related to your childhood dog and family dog. Clementine is half sister to our Lulu Belle that died. It’s so comforting.

  • PS. The what does my husband think question was a good one. I think the trouble is that he just wants to be supportive of me in whatever I choose, so he understands the allure of both options. Mostly he has helped by listening to me (over)talk it out.

  • the trend is you friend. sad,, aig,c etc.volumes unbelievable ,have turned intoday trader specials,,, and of course thefrequency boys are in on it as well.where’s the SEC ?


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