Bookleten har kommit till kontoret

Nu har vi fått upp de första bookletarna till Anna Själv Tredje, riktigt fina!

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  • Luis skriver:

    Hi Anna,I have been trading cercunry futures for a couple of years without much luck yet. I have been looking into Forex and I like the idea of being able to adjust my lot size and risk on a trade. I couldn’t do this in the futures market. I have been trading a demo account for a couple of months now and am doing very well because I can control my risk according to my account size and actually trade according to my plan. Now I am trying to wade through the broker minefield and I need your help. Can you send me the brokers that are 5mil market cap and up. Also in your opinion, is an honest broker. They seem to meet all the criteria on your website. I never had all these issues concerning brokers in the futures market. I am determined to make it as a trader and I realize now after blowing up several accounts that account preservation and a written down plan that is followed to the letter is paramount for success.Thanks for all the info you provide for the small trader in a big traders world,David Cearfoss


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