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    Hi DavidMany thanks for you kind cmnmeots and I am delighted to see that you are continuing to trade, despite the setbacks which I’m afraid we all suffer as part of the learning curve. The encouraging thing is that you are still in the game, and eager to succeed, which is half the battle. As you say, you HAVE to have a trading plan it is vital, and no matter how simple or complex, you have to stick to it as it will keep stop you trading on impulse, which we are all tempted to do from time to time. The most dangerous is after a few good trades when we think we are invincible in the market! So please check out my trading plan site which should give you some ideas as I say it can be a few lines or very complex ( simply is generally better) but you must stick to it at all times. With regard to your other points, I’m afraid that I cannnot comment on MB, not because I don’t want to, but simply that I have no experience of them, so cannot give you any feedback I’m afraid. The broker that I use and recommend uses the MT4 platform, which I find invaluable for my trading, and as they are an ECN broker you will have no issues with them trading against you they are currently providing a free demo download of the platform and I have included a link here for you I hope you find this useful. Finally I now provide regular daily forex and commodity market updates and analysis by email, so if you would like to subscribe to these ( all free ) then simply visit any of my sites and you should find the link just complete your name address and email and you should start receiving them straight away ( I have included the link here just in case - free market analsysis )I hope the above is of help and please do keep in touch all best wishes and good luck with your trading keep going you will succeed in the end kind regards Anna

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